Artist Statement
My focus from ideation to creation is not on what I am creating but for whom I am creating it. Whether it be a billboard on a highway or a business card in a pocket, design is highly influential. What we see is what we truly believe we are going to get. Therefore, I develop my work through more than just the eyes of an artist. Like a superhero (sans cape), I valiantly assume the core values of my client and send its message like a signal in the sky. However, I also learn to meld with the people on the streets, my intended audience, to know just what they're seeing from the ground. I may not have super strength or x-ray vision, but the people are always my greatest priority. If the message doesn't reach them, the art itself falls short of its goal.


As a student at Elon University in North Carolina, I sought out every opportunity to expand my repertoire in digital art, working for organizations on campus to design poster ads and do real client work involving web design and advertisement design. I recently graduated with a B.A. in Art with Honors.

Aside from my interest in design, I consider myself to be a sweet and unassuming "closet nerd." I am always curious about science, especially astronomy and space exploration. That love stretches into my itch for sci-fi, including my undeniable obsession with Star Trek. To unwind and have fun, I also enjoy playing video games in my spare time, particularly with others. I am also an animal lover, going so far as to volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary for an entire season, where I helped to manage the care of many exotic creatures, including lions, tigers, wolves, leopards, servals, and binturongs.

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